7 Easy Tips to Lose Weight Without Dieting

To Lose weight without dieting seems difficult. Doing dieting or fasting is not only way to lose weight. There are many tips that you can adopt to bring some changes in your lifestyle.

Obesity or weight gain is the main cause of many deaths around the world. In America 37 % of the adults are living with obesity.

Some people doesn’t like dieting or fasting and want to lose weight. There are many reasons of obesity:

  • Junk Foods
  • Stress or obesity
  • Not sleeping properly
  • Less intake of protein enriched foods
  • Zero workout

The following are the tips that will surely help you to lose weight.

Use smaller Utensils

Eating foods in smaller utensils like plate, dishes will automatically help you to lose weight. This the way to trick your brain that you are eating more than you actually eat. This is something you can use while you eat junk foods such as pizza, burger etc.

More Intake of Proteins

Proteins are required for regulation and functioning of the body’s tissues or cells. They are required not only to improve muscle mass but also to lose weight. Eggs, diary or poultry products, soy, fish, and nuts are rich source of protein.

Eat Food Slowly

In order to eat food slowly chew food properly. You only need to chew food properly before swallowing it. Chewing food slowly aids in digestion and keeps you fuller for long by reduce intake of calories.

Eating Fibers Enriched Foods

Fibers are the nutrients that promote weight loss. These keep you fuller and are low in calories. when you eat more fibers enriched foods you have less room for foods that are not nutrients. Apple, bananas, strawberry, oatmeal, pears, brocolli are some examples of fibers.

Prefer Fruits over Juices

It is a good idea to eat calories rather than drink calories. Always prefer fresh fruits over juice as they are not loaded with fibers, or other nutrients. Avoid juices as they contain more calories than fruits.

Don’t Overeat

There are many reasons of overeating. Watching TV using mobile phone, newspaper or reading book distract your mind and mind doesn’t give any satiety signals and you overeat. Always try to eat foods without any distraction.


Exercise plays key role in weight loss with proper diet. Eating healthy foods with healthy eating practices aids in weight loss when you do exercise regularly. Walking, jogging, cardio, weight training are important exercises for weight loss.