Laser Hair Removal – Ways of Pricing

There are different ways of determining pricing for the laser hair removal. Some of the popular ways of pricing are mentioned below.

Fixed fee per treatment

There are some clinics that charge a flat fee for the treatment of laser hair removal. This fee is based on per treatment basis as well as on the package wise. There are some clinics that may charge a flat rate for the specific area of the body like men’s facial hair and it is irrespective of the amount of hair growth in every individual

In contrast to this, some clinic will charge the fees on the basis of particular back hair growth pattern. However, you may also get the fees tailored as per your customized treatments package and receive a discount on it.

Fee per unit of time of consultation

The process of electrolysis has a common pricing structure and other laser clinics also charge as per the time spent in the process of laser hair removal. Usually the session lasts for 15 minutes and you will be charged a flat fee of 15 minutes duration.

If you require a multiple sessions of 15 minutes for removal of the hairs then your fees will be multiplied as per the number of sessions you attend. Apart from the timing of consultation, the cost may also vary as per the speed of the technician, amount of hair, and the speed of the equipment.

Price per laser pulse used – The price for laser hair removal can be charged on the basis of the number of laser pulses required for completing a particular body area. Every time a laser is shot, a pulse is counted. One pulse takes around one second and it can lead to the removal of many hundred hairs. There are some clinics that charge price per pulse.