Weighing: Here’s Another Way To Reduce Weight Gain Or Obesity

Obesity or weight gain is a situation in which person gains excessive weight which affects their health or daily activities.

There are many techniques to calculate weight. Body mass index (BMI), Waist-hip ratio (WHR), Waist to Height ratio (WtHR) are the factors that calculate weight.

In U.S 37 % of the adults are living with obesity and this number can increase. #2% of the U>S adults are overweight according to research.

Holiday Weight Gain: One Possible Reason for Weight Gain

Researchers from University of Georgia in Athens found that the people in holidays are more prone to weight gain. There can be reason for weight gain such as eating more calories, no exercise, no enough sleep.

During holidays people absorb more calories than usual without doing any physical workout which leads to obesity in them. Another reason is change in sleeping behavior Wisata Jawa.

Weighing: Another Key to Prevent Weight Gain

Weighing yourself can be another possible way to prevent weight gain or obesity.

Jamie Cooper who is an associate professor in the Department of Foods and Nutrition at the University of Georgia in Athens led the new study.

Cooper and Colleagues recruited some participants aged between 18 and 65 years old. Researchers asked the participants to visit three times: One before holiday season, another one after start of holidays and third one after completion of holidays.

For this participants were divided into two groups, one group who is asked to maintain their initial weight throughout the study and another one who didn’t receive any instructions.

Research concludes that participants who weighed their weight regularly, they maintained same weight or lose weight.

The possible reasons of lose weight were doing more exercise than the previous day or to eat carefully.

The participants in another group who didn’t weigh themselves gained weight.