Hair Weaving: How to Maintain Hair Weaves

Hair weaves are hair extensions attached to the natural hair to get a more attractive hair. It is also the procedure that others prefer to hide baldness. However the process of getting the hair woven is not as easy as it sounds.

Having a hair weaving session with your hair care expert can be very tiring. It can even take the whole day to get the job done thus it has to be well taken care of to get the most value out of it.

Maintain Hair WeavesOnce the hair weaving process is done, the weaves can stay up to 3 months on your hair depending on the hair weaving technique you have chosen. Within that period, the extensions are considered part of your natural hair and it has to be taken care of just like the natural hair.

Washing your hair regularly is recommended to maintain hygiene. The extensions can be easily become brittle and dry since it doesn’t get the nutrient that the natural hair gets from the scalp. The natural hair can also become brittle and dry if it is not washed, moisturized and conditioned regularly. While the weaves are still attached, avoid dying the hair and applying bleach on the hair to avoid stress on the hair that can make the extensions go brittle easily. Be careful when blow-drying and curling the hair as it can easily burn and the only option once it is burned is to remove them.

The weaves can collect bacteria that can harm the scalp and the natural hair. Washing the hair every 7-14 days is recommended to avoid complications. After 8 weeks, have your extensions removed by your stylist. The natural hair may have been damaged during this time but if not you can ask your hair stylist to remove the old ones and attach newer ones. If the natural hair is damaged, let it rest for at least six months and regularly care for it.